The Bachelor: Episode 6

The Bachelor: Episode 6

Episode 6: Camping shenanigans

Single date

  • Rhiannon gets a look in tonight in a love heart air balloon ride which is just magical. They answer some love themed questions and their bond just grows and grows
  • She then asks him if he wants to kiss her. Those are some slick moves. But the weirdest part is when she debriefs this move with the producer for about 5 minutes

Group date

  • They announce the camping trip and Vanessa Sunshine is not impressed.  Fair enough not everyone likes the outdoors. Except pretty sure that would be a deal breaker for the HB. Anyway, good luck to her and her heels
  • However she has a very popular opinion about Romy where she just ‘couldn’t give a sh*t about her.’ Same babe, same
  • There is a showdown between Vanessa Sunshine and Romy with the HB as the referee. Vanessa sunshine suggests the HB should do a makeover to fix his blonde curly mullet and curly moustache. Looks like Vanessa is out for the count after all those insults
  • Some usual camping shenanigans go on with a camp fire and all. Then Romy starts bed swapping creeping into the HBs swag. Lots of giggling follows
  • Cass definitely has something to say about Romy’s bedroom company. Mainly why didn’t I think of that. You snooze you lose as Romy says
  • The next morning Cass gets some alone time with the HB where he has to explain himself about the swag drama to his girlfriend Cass. But more importantly why does he keep entertaining her stalker vibes. Let her go already

Rose ceremony

  • Only the 6 girls on the camping trip are part of the rose ceremony this episode. Cass gets the first rose and they hug for an unnecessarily long amount of time
  • Comes down to, surprise surprise Vanessa Sunshine and Romy. Vanessa’s mean comments didn’t make her any friends and she gets the boot to the butt. The crickets literally chirp as she is asked to say goodbye to her friends.


Next week: 3 NEW INTRUDERS!


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