The Bachelor: Episode 7

by Kia Walker

Episode 7: The Runaway Bachie

Group date:

  • Mostly the girls that didn’t get to go to the camping trip get a guernsey this time. Along with three intruders!
  • The HB meets the newbies while the others all look on. First we have Deanna who is an ex competitive swimmer. Second is Jamie Lee who looks like Dasha from Russia, but is indeed not Russian. Third is Brittney who describes herself as ‘a bit of trouble because I’m really funny.’  So much cringe. One dud out of three aint bad though
  • Time for an activity involving bouncing on those exercise ball things pretending to play netball. Turns into a wrestling match that the HB was a bit devo he couldn’t be a part of
  • Jamie Lee goes down and has to be carried off which the other girls are not impressed with
  • Brittney then tries to drop it like its hot and dance with the HB which to be honest was surprising with how good of a dancer he was

Single date:

  • Tenille gets the date and after about an hour analogy about TimTams which I still don’t understand they go on a motorbike together to go make some honey. And no that isn’t a a metaphor for anything. They legit get the honey from the bees and eat it. Except Tenille eats the wax that the honey is in as well which isn’t ideal
  • She also steals a kiss which packs a bit of passion

Cocktail party:

  • Tenille tells all the girls about their date and how they shared a kiss. Then Romy comes along and hounds her about kissing on the first date which Tenille had said she wouldn’t ever do. I smell jealousy
  • Jamie Lee is back though and has some crutches and a moonboot to accessories her outfit. Cass is of course jealous about all the attention she is getting.
  • Meanwhile the HB is wearing a super floral shirt and I’m not sure how to feel about it
  • Romy then turns on Tenille about this kiss saying Tenille said it was gross. But no Tenille thinks its gross to be sloppy seconds. Tenille the runaway bachie then walks off because she is sick of Romy’s bs. Of course Romy follows and starts telling her how aggressive she is
  • Tenille then takes her mic off while a producer follows her around calling her babe. Just let her take a moment ploise
  • Meanwhile channel 10 is advertising the crap out of the runaway bride on next. Opportunism at its best.
  •  I’m sorry to say it but I think Romy is a bully. She is giving Regina George a run for her money with all this manipulating.

Rose Ceremony:

  • I hope Romy goes she is so done in my books. But no unfortunately he doesn’t say ‘hoo roo’ to the bully just yet.
  • Instead its Rhiannon and Ashlea that leave which means all the intruders have stayed! Cat then exclaims the intruders now have a target on their back and that she is ‘coming for them’


Next time: The HB comes to his sense and kicks out a bully!