The Bachelor: Episode 8

The Bachelor: Episode 8

Episode 8: The Redemption


Group date:

  • We kick off with the HB swimming some laps as the girls all walk in for the group date. They ogle his bod as they hear about the swimming carnival they are going to take part in which is to play ball bingo
  • It is pure carnage with all these balls and boobs in the water. However no chance any of them will drown as they all had some pretty hefty inflatables to help stay afloat
  • Cat is doing some cheating which the HB picks up on and does not approve of
  • Emily does quite well with her extremely long limbs and wins most of the ball bingo and some time with the HB. She does ok but don’t think they will end up together. Bit of a snore fest really


Single date:

  • Brooke gets the date again and the other girls are fuming about this. Mainly Cat who is more concerned about her business than being on the show. Well pretty sure that was always the case
  • There is a sketch artist who has to draw the two of them based on how the other describes them. The HB starts with ‘she has round features but not saying she is fat.’ Not a great start
  • But it is a romantic date and there is lots of staring into each other’s eyes
  • Cut back to Cat who is starting to plan how she is going to offer the HB an ultimatum and asks Romy if she should cry to make it look better. Oh my goodness 


Cocktail party:

  • For some reason everyone is dressed in toga theme. Brittney is partying super hard trying to conga line the whole night, then beat boxing and again dropping it like its hot. I’m impressed by her energy levels
  • Tenille is pulled aside to discuss the bullying from last night. ‘Who’s being mean?’ Is asked and the HB knows exactly who the mean ones are. Candles have to be used inside some sort of venn diagram but the HB knows what’s up and all three means girls are named
  • Cat is then pulled away by the HB and basically gives her a little telling off for her behaviour and asks her to leave as its destroying his chances of finding love. The water works are turned on and she is escorted straight to a car without even saying goodbye


Rose Ceremony:

  • Alisha and Romy are slagging off Tenille hardcore but really they just look very foolish with their silly comments. Romy also looks super drunk
  • We get down to Brittney the party lady and Romy and Alisha. Nooo Romy gets the rose. I liked the party conga line lady
  • Hold the phone Romy says she isn’t sure about accepting the rose. Of course she would have a dramatic exit. Does that mean we get to keep Brittney for a bit longer? No damn it we lose her too. So all three meanies have left and we are happy families again

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